Webinar Elimination communication


20 Minutes Webinar for beginners to learn how to practise elimination communication with your babies.
In the webinar, I explain also the fulltime and part-time EC, equipment, standard situations, holding positions and benefits.


Elimination Communication with your baby can be verbal and non-verbal. It is a way to interpret and respond to baby’s signs and sounds.  Your baby does not only communicate hunger, cold, tiredness or that he needs your affection. Your baby also communicates it natural hygiene needs within the first 4 months of its life. When you ignore this need, your baby will eventually give up and suppress this instinct. That’s why is crucial to start to respond within the first 3 months of the babies life. After that, also part-time EC can be successfully practised.

Human babies instinctually do not like to mess with their sleep space, and their caregivers and they clearly communicate about it from birth.

The benefits of EC from birth on. Up to 1 ton of non-recyclable trash can be avoided.  The fulfilment of all levels of baby needs the overall mama baby happiness can be increased. More benefits: no colics, no gas in the belly, no skin rash.


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