Elimination Communication Equipment and clothes for your home for 0 – 18 months baby



Directly after birth, together with breastfeeding and enjoying of postpartum care, you can already make your baby more happy with listening also to it EC – elimination signals.

At home, no backup cloth diaper solutions are necessary. First, you learn to understand the rhythm of your baby.
It is the most natural and gentle approach of NON changing diapers and instead, putting your baby over mini bowl or extra traditional Chinese potty for newborns. This is all done very gently and only when the baby is really giving you the signals of discomfort.

We do not wrap the babies in diapers at home. We put them on softest most natural and organic fabrics.
With my 2 diaperfree babies I collected lot of experience I love to share with you.

In this online workshop, I give nice presentation with my newboen puppet Lana. I present the pijjamas, clothes, pants, baby wearing possibilities. I also present the back up solution you could put on your baby if needed, if you go out or if you baby should go to child care or to visit the grand parents.


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