Privacy policy

Privacy statement

  1. I am marta Gal, and I welcome you on my website. I trade under the trade name
    Pura Bebo. My business is located in Belgium. I am enrolled in the Belgian national database of enterprises under number BE0667845196.
    I am controler of personal data from visitors to this website, my suppliers and my
    customers. The way I control this data is clarified in this privacy statement. If you
    have any questions you can email me at
  2. Your personal data is not limited to your name, address, e-mail and phone
    number, but consists of any information related to yourself as an identified or
    identifiable natural person. Information about your credit card, for example, is
    considered as personal data as well.
  3. I process personal data through handling a sale or through a visit to my website. I
    process your personal in accordance with the provisions of the General data
    protection Regulation (GDPR). The same goes for personal data processed by third
  4. what data I process depends on the situation in which you are located.
    -You are a visitor to my website: see my cookie statement
    -You are a supplier: I process personal data for the monitoring of our
    contract, compliance with fiscal, financial, accounting and social
    obligations. I process identification data, contact information, and financial
    data. The processed data are either publicly available data, or originate
    of your quote or invoice.
    -You are a customer: I process personal data in order to be able to live up to my
    contractual obligations (e.g. supply the goods ordered), to monitor your payment, and
    in the context of after-sales services. I process identification data, contact information, financial data
    and information on your order. The processed data are only submitted by the order
    form on my webshop and the payments made.
  5. For following up on payments or performing deliveries I rely on third parties (e.g.
    Paypal I case of payment monitoring and DHL, Bpost, PostNl, … in case of
    deliveries). Those third parties process personal data within the services they deliver.
    This only happens within the framework of a processor agreement, in which I make
    sure that your personal data is processed in a manner that is in line with the General
    Data Protection Regulation.
  6. I don’t transfer your personal data outside the territory of the European Economic
    Area (E.U. + Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) unless you are located outside this
    zone and the transfer of your data is necessary for delivery of the goods you ordered.
  7. I take appropriate security measures to prevent misuse of and to limit unauthorized
    access to your personal data. So I make sure that your personal data can only be
    accessed when necessary, that this access is protected and that the security
    measures in place are frequently tested.
  8. You have the right of access to your personal data, and you can ask me to correct it when necessary. You can contact me for these matters at If you not okay with how I deal with your requests, you can file a complaint with the Belgian supervisory authority,
  9. Ik am entitled to change this declaration. All changes will be made public through tis site.