About us

PuraBebo connects communities for parents and develops educative media materials about the baby development.
PuraBebo is portal created by Marta Gal and Stijn Desomer.
Marta is the creative all-rounder and community speaker.

Stijn is a Data Protection Officer and helps out with the legal background around the e-commerce.
He makes sure we keep your and our data safe.

Marta and Stijn practiced conscious gentle parenting which started with 2 ecstatic home births. Babies have been born safely in undisturbed quite homes. Both children have been breastfed till 2 years of their life, has been worn a lot in baby wearing wraps and from birth diaper free. Marta preferred to leave her busy full time IT career behind and enjoyed long-term parental leave, as it is also standard in Germany and Slovakia, her countries of origin and influence.

Together, Marta and Stijn develop this wonderful project and they hope, it will reach many parents and help them not only decrease their ecological footprint but to understand their babies and children better.