Airpocalypse now

Our 23 years old daughter is currently studying in Beijing in China, following Erasmus Projekt. Last Friday we had a Video Chat and she seemed very sick. She was pale, could hardly talk and move. My motherly intuition told me something is really wrong. On Saturday we had a video chat again. She talked a lot. I saw her through the video chat smiling and happy talking to me. She was instantly healed and relieved but worried about the whole situation.

The picture on the left is not a cloudy day in China. It is a day of heavy pollution.

The reason why she got sick was the extremely high pollution hanging over Beijing in the last days. Most of her classmates got sick too. The university where she studies is an old building there is no modern air filtering. Most of the students live in student homes without air filters. She is one of the few living in a modern house with air filtering. Her host family even put extra air cleaning machine in her room. As the pollution forecast looked bad for the weekend, the family decided to take my daughter out of the city.

The host family took her out of Beijing. They travelled 300 km to some peninsula, half open to the sea. My daughter healed instantly. All the symptoms disappeared.
Today, I installed air pollution app on my smartphone and checked the values. The level of the pollution today in Beijing is apocalyptic high. The app screen shows the shocking value of Airpocalypse in Beijing – 365 AQI. But some areas of China have even much worse AQI levels.

AQI stands for Air Quality Index.
AQI Levels between 301 to 500 are Levels of hazardous health concern.
In our video talk on Saturday, my daughter revealed me the truth about the pollution. She and her classmate are sitting with face masks even in the university. You can buy face mask on every corner. Many houses do not have air cleaning machines. My daughter told me that the Chinese government is warning people but they can not stop to pollute the air. The economy must go on. Christmas in rest of the world is coming. Tons of plastic toys must be produced.

Today, I am making a call to all my friends, family and friends 

  • In 2 days is the birthday of our 3 years old son and I do not wish any present with made in China presents.
  • There is no demand or expectation from our side for made in China plastic presents on St.Claus Day on 6.12. Actually, I return to the tradition of my country of origin and will follow this. On 6.12, we do not give in Slovakia any toy presents. Just sweet sugarfree vegan organic candy, fruits or fair trade chocolate is waiting in the shoes of the children who clean them the evening before 6.12.
  • We wish if any, then only locally produced toys from natural materials for all our children on Christmas.

Today, PuraBebo makes a call to all the parents and non parents

  • Search and support local producers of toys here in Europe.
  • Boycott the made in China cheap plastic toys.
  • Get some real music instrument made out of natural materials from your music shop around the corner for your 2 years old.
  • Choose carefully products for Christmas. Support local businesses. With your choice, you can prevent pollution.

    It sounds crazy but when we change our consuming attitude towards cheap and plastic, maybe we will improve the air for Chinese students and children. On an apocalyptic polluted day, it is hazardous to go out with a little baby in China.

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