2nd stage of Gradual Adaptation to Preschool – mom I like to stay here

After we successfully completed the BASIC stage, 3 days of


we finally enter the middle stage of this lovely concept, the 3 days of


5th day

Today, we decided to follow the strategy from yesterday and let both siblings go together to the class.
We stayed there and then, with an agreement of the teacher, I told the children that I am leaving the room for 5 minutes to go to the WC and coming back very shortly. Both children looked at each other. I promised them they will stay together. My son asked me if I am coming back. I promised that. He said OK.

I left the room in full peace, both siblings played. I stayed in the corridor and waited.

When I came back it was all calm. The children saw me and played further. No big hello.

My 2 and a half years old approached his teacher alone today. The teacher mixed ecological paint for children and he went to ask what is she doing. So they had small chat. It was the first time my toddler approached the teacher alone. It takes 5 days. I see it as a big achievement and an important step in the adaptation. It shows that after 5 days, my toddler accepted the teacher as the person he can trust.
Then, my son told me he would like to stay in his class today. I promised that he can stay in the class alone the next day. He agreed and told me it is fine, as he feels today still a bit sick.

As we came home, he indeed got sick. So we make a break from << gradual adaptation to preschool >> and start on Monday.

Day 6 – 7

Days 5 – 7 also went very well. Our son gained trust in his teacher – Juffi and immediately joined her in activities, saying nice and confident bye-bye to me. On 2 days of our STABILISATION STAGE, I always picked my children at 12 from child care, so they do not feel overwhelmed and left alone too long.
On day 7, I left my children not only to have lunch there but also to enjoy the benefits of afternoon sleeping and stay until 15:00. The children have been introduced to sleeping ritual. in this age, enough sleep or just resting allow them to calm down. Even my youngest had a bit of difficulty to calm down alone and asleep, it was easy for his Juffi to calm him down within some 2 minutes. At 15:00, I got my children back from preschool not overtired, but in harmony and peace. The exciting stage of stabilization went very well.

What we manage also to stabilize?

  • We managed that children allowed to be separated, each one going to a different class without major resistance
  • We managed that children got used to their preschool and the persons of care
  • We stabilized the nice experience from the first week
  • We managed a soft nice good Say goodbye ritual without any cry

I keep in my memory lovely days full of trust and harmony. The warm atmosphere of the class, the calm and welcoming approach of the teacher contributed to the overall well being of my children. Every day, both of them talked a lot about their experiences at preschool, sang little songs and painted at home creative nice painting – where I saw a lot of nice influence from the preschool. This all has been together one big sign, that my children are very happy and got acclimatised softly and gradually to new preschool year.

What is next? We enter the last stage of


the Completion stage

In the final stages of familiarization, the mother is no longer present in the child care facility, but she remains available for emergencies, e.g. if your child cannot be comforted by the child care professional for a particular reason.


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