1st stage of Gradual Adaptation to Preschool – 0 minutes separation, 100 minutes of confidence

Today, it was a special day. It was not an only 4th day in the school without separation.
It was also the last day of our



Today, the siblings could be together in one class in kindergarten.
As the days of gradual adaptation goes, both children are slowly realizing the impact of their lives.
Today, they had the biggest difficulties to say goodbye to each other and we decided to ask the teacher if the older daughter could join the younger brother in his class. They could.

Both children stayed side by side joining the group.
The big sister explained to her brother a lot about to class.
Then, we could join the morning singing ritual – the ring.

It was beautiful to see for me as the mom how my children interacted and sang the songs.

And afterwards, we said all good buy for today.

Miles stones from the basic stage:
– children got introduced by the mother to their new persons of care
– children observed if the mother trust the situation if she like the child care
– children observed their teacher and her interaction with other parents or with the own mom
– children observed the reactions and actions of other children – checking on the Happiness Index of other kids.
– during the whole BASIC stage, there has been no separation from the mother and no too long hours in the preschool

What is next? We have been ready to enter the STABILIZATION STAGE of Gentle toddler gradual adaptation model.


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